quick facts about me

My family inspired the loved for captured memories in me from a very young age. Photography was and still is a huge part of our lives. Every special moment has to be documented, so you can imagine there is no shortage of family albums in this household.

Times have changed and techniques have improved greatly, but I also believe in timeless photography.  The fun, classy and elegant photos that can hang on your wall for years without ever going out of style.

It's a family thing!
My grandfather was a photographer for many years of his life and I am so honored to be the one following in his footsteps while doing what I love.  

lets get personal

+ Yes! I would absolutely love to include your dog in the photos! That little guy next to me is Ricco and he just turned 4.

+ I have a little Italian in me from my mother's side but I'm originally from Brazil, so I'm fluent in English & Portuguese (I also get by with my Spanish)

+ I have a huge and loud family that I adore, and they have made me a pro at dealing with chaos during those family formals. I can round up everyone in 2 secs!

+ Spring is my absolute favorite season, but I'm also always down for a session in the snow.

+ If I wasn't a photographer I would most likely be a party planner or wedding cake baker - In other words, weddings are MY THING!

quick facts about me

My style is about keeping things natural and authentic, my colors are vibrant with a mix of soft lights and strong shadows.

 Photographing a couple's journey has shown me how powerful capturing memories can be. Each client I take on is utterly special to me. I am very humble to be making a profession out of something that I love so much.

and my favorites

my style

While editing my work I focus especially on the skin tones. I aim to get them as natural as possible while making the image bright and the colors strong.
My goal is for my clients to be able to look back years from now and still be in absolutely in love with their images.

elegant and  timeless

my editing style

Photography has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, but the interest of photographing professionally really sparked when I took a photography class, as a general studies course for my IT major. Although I signed up for that class for the sole purpose of being in the same room as my best friend, I got so much more out of it. That same year I changed my career path to focus on photography.


why i became a

Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester!
I love a beach with bright sand and clear water. At Wingaersheek we get that and more. There are green tall grass pathways, huge rocks and cliffs, all tied together with a beautiful sunset.

I also love hiking up mountains in NH for those breathtaking views. They make for a perfect backdrop!

session location

my go to

Give me all the colors!
Yes, my love for spring has a lot to do with the flowers blooming. But it's also the best season to photograph at my favorite place to be, the beach. 
Our summer's are short so for those few months the beaches are always crowded. Beat the sunbathers and hit the beach in the spring.

is spring

my favorite season

Grandma's House.
I wish it was closer, but every couple of years I travel back home to visit the family. Brazil is such a beautiful country to visit and being with family always warms my heart. 

place to visit

my favorite

I would love to learn more about your wedding and all of the planning you're doing. During these meetings we will get to know a little more about each other and go over the details of your day. This will help us determine your best plan of coverage and make sure I know everything that is important to you.

I have tons on tips for first time wedding planners on how to save time and plan the perfect timeline. From how many hours would be right for you, to best way of setting up your bridal and groom's suite for perfect photos. Bring your planners, lists and notebooks, I will answer all the questions you have. Don't know what to ask? I got you covered! I have all the material you need right here in my office.

I offer meetings with no strings attached where I go over all my services and samples. 


you'll hear from me shortly.

thank you!