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From our first meeting, being it in person or over the phone my mission is to get to know your vision. I understand you'll be spending countless hours of the next few months planning every detail of your big day and I'M HERE FOR IT! With personalized timelines and a unique plan of action for each couple our team is focused on capturing every detail, even the ones you have no control over. You can rest assured that we will be there for every smile and every happy tear.

Planning a wedding can be time consuming, trust me, I know, but finding a photographer to match you style and vision is about to get real simple. 

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Me and my team will focus on personalizing a photography package and plan to make your day run smoothly while capturing all those special moments like the first kiss, all the fun with your wedding party and the candid ones with your family and friends! 

Every wedding is different, and we believe in personalizing each coverage to make sure your images are just like the two of you, unique!

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I've lost count of how many couples started our conversation with "we're not photogenic" and "we get very awkward in front of the camera".
Can you relate?
Well, step into my office... Absolutely all of those clients ended up rocking their session, and you will too!
I'm very energetic and chatty (in a good way, I promise) which helps people open up and get comfortable around me. My style is candid and personal so no long held poses and fake smiles, only genuine cuddles, laughs and lots of fun.

and telling love stories is what I do best!
 I'm all about having fun and interacting with my clients from behind the camera to make sure I capture nothing but natural smiles & emotions.

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